"Apocalypse Now": The Horror Of The Deep State's Plan Exposed - Part 3

Decades of propaganda, false flags, and misinformation campaigns have enabled the Deep State to gain power and control over the U.S. government. When war or a financial crisis is necessary to keep the profits flowing, events will be steered to such an outcome. With the latest financial plundering operation running out of steam, the Deep State is once again pushing the world toward global conflict.

A Russian Went Inside A Chinese Click-Farm: This Is What He Found

On the day when Snapchat erased billions of market cap from investors (and founders) accounts - as the MAUs-means-money model seems to break - we thought it worthwhile taking another glimpse into the hush-hush world of 'click-farms' and the fakeness of the latest social network fads.

Maxine Waters Does It Again...

NBC's Peter Alexander: "I am confused"

Maxine Waters: "No, you're not confused... I don't support Trump firing Comey, but I would support Hillary Clinton firing Comey"

Do Americans Eat In Or Out?

The standout comes from major cities where a greater share of food consumption is from dining out versus groceries. The combination  of competition from online grocers and greater urbanization may continue to present a  challenge to the standard grocery store model.

Stockman: Trump's Tax Plan Never Had A Chance

"...there’s going to be no Obamacare repeal, there’s going to be no tax cut, there’s going to be a massive political conflagration. What’s happened in the last few days with Comey and this crazy inquisition on Russia is going to take the government into complete dysfunction and partisan ranks."

Ron Paul: "No Evidence Of Russian Intrusion In The U.S. Political System"

"I just don’t understand why sometimes there is an impression that we shouldn’t be having diplomatic conversations … All the tough rhetoric doesn’t do any good. Trump’s statement to me sounded pretty good. I think the whole thing about the elections, putting that aside would be a wise thing because the evidence is not there for any intrusion in our election by the Russians."

Is A Chinese Recession Imminent? Yield Curve Inverts For First Time Ever

While China growth has been slowing, and monetary conditions tightening, few (if any) have predicted any prolonged deflation (let alone a recession), yet overnight - for the first time ever - the $1.7 trillion Chinese bond market inverted, flashing a warning signal to the world that something is wrong.

Can Times Get Better In America Without A Major Crisis?

"The U.S. is past the point of no return. Even though the system is stained with blood, it will not and it cannot self-correct. And certainly it will not through the political process, which only rearranges the deck chairs. It will have to totally collapse."

A Tale Of Two Justice Systems – Wall Street Vs. Main Street

"This twisted application of the law when it comes to two different classes of Americans is extremely corrosive, unethical and ultimately potentially fatal to any society. Until this is dealt with, nothing will get sustainably better for the masses of our fellow citizens."

NBC Releases Extended Trump Interview: "No Collusion Between Me And The Russians"

Trump told NBC he supports a full investigation into Russian interference in the election, saying he wants the probe to be done "absolutely properly." "If Russia did anything, I want to know that" Trump told Lester Holt but also insisted there was no "collusion between me and my campaign and the Russians."

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