WeChat User & Business Ecosystem Report 2017 | Exclusive

By: China Tech Insights | UpdateTime: 04/23/2017




889 million MAUs, 10 million+ official accounts and 200K+ third-party developers. In the past 7 years, WeChat has established an extensive ecosystem centered this mega messenger application that has become a vital part of China’s mobile internet today.


To understand this multi-trillion business flowing through WeChat, you need to first understand how its user behavior on the platform has evolved over time. As the English unit of Penguin Intelligence, we've worked with China Academy of Information and Communications Technology this year to bring you this consumer research report on WeChat and show you an overview of this mega app and the ecosystem around it.


Highlights of this report include:

  • Mobile payments have a highpenetration rate in China

  • Convenient stores have become WeChatPay’s primary offline channel for retail transaction

  • There has been a sharp increase in the average number of contacts amongst WeChat users

  • Big challenges are shared across content providers on WeChat


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